Operations for third-party account and order

Savixx offers a complete dhird-party import management servisse in which imports are made under the Savixx name through a formal agreement with its clientes, covered by the Brazilian import/ export custos system, the Siscomex.

The Savixx team manages na integrated logistic, operational and financial import system thad does not interfere with the comercial relations o four customers – acknowledged as the true “buyers” and their overseas supliers. Throughout the entire process, the goods Always remain the property of the buyers who have the right to negotiate the monetary Exchange contracts covering import operations.

Under the terms governing the responsibilities of the third-party import administrator, Savixx is required to record the importation. Declarations and must equally show the nature of all operations in its accounting statements. After the inssuance of the proof of importation furnished by the Brazilian Customs authority, the merchandise is then transfered to the “buyer”, the real “owners”of the merchandise, who receive the imported goods, duly cleared and nationalized, together with all pertinente documentation.

The entire process is managed by Savixx with professionalism, transparency and compliance with all Brazilian laws governing and international commerce standards used for these kinds of operations. This assures simple and eeficienteroutines that bring concrete benefits to Savixx customers.