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Savixx is a company dedicated to the organization and structuring of any foreign trade operation.

A Trading Company devoted to your company

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About us

Founded in 1984 under the name of S/A Vitória de comercio Indutria e Agricultura, the company underwent a total restructuring process in 2001. Working under a new trade name and a newer business vision, Savixx increased its team of experienced professionals, opened affiliate offices in other states and ivested in technology in order to implemente new and modern custos services and logistics management strategies. Today, with head offices in Vitória and branch offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Itajaí and Londrina, Savixx is prepared to handle all the logistic, operational and custos processes that are na importante parto f its customer’s import and export business activities.

Our commitment is to help companies increase their business performace and results. Savixx personnel, resources and know-how help our clientes reach their goals, minimize costs and make sure that delivery dates are kept.
We invest in the building of trasparent relations with our customers. Conversations are honest, we believe in dialog and when problems arise, they are openly discussed. Savixx adopts a policy of personalized attention and maintains a dynamic, agile structure.
Savixx makes a point of offering competitive costs and relies on a higjly qualified team of experts.

Operations for third-party account and order

Savixx offers a complete third-party import management servisse in which imports are made under the Savixx name through a formal agreement with its clientes, covered by the Brazilian import/ export custos system, the Siscomex.


Besides managing imports for third-parties, Savixx also operates its own imports and customer requested imports. Over the years, Savixx has established firt-class comercial relations with many overseas suppliers.


In order to open up overseas markets for our customers in Brazil, who do not have their own experience, infrastructure or personnel, Savixx also offers complete export management services.

How do we work

Individual analisys

Each customer is unique, and each process has its own particularities. By analyzing each process, our team identifies specific customer needs, procedures to be optimized and potential cost reductions


Savixx uses the concept of mini-trading to serve its customers. Our teams are capable to conduct an end-to-end process, with full autonomy to take care of all the steps of any operation.


One of our great differentials is that our top executives work effectively on day-to-day operations. Knowing your company in depth and closely monitoring your processes and challenges. They are always in search of the best solutions and prepared to give you a prompt answer.

Portfolio of customers

Our client portfolio includes companies of different sizes and different industries: chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, telecommunications, electro / electronics, IT, food, consumer products, among others.

Savixx - São Paulo / SP

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Tel: (11) 5053-9650